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Betsy Atkins


Betsy is a 3-time CEO and serial entrepreneur & founder of Baja Corporation. She has co-founded enterprise software companies in multiple industries including energy, healthcare and networking. She is an expert at scaling companies through hyper growth and leading them to successful IPO and acquisitions. Her more notable IPOs and sales include the acquisition of Clear Standards by SAP and Ascend Communications ($5.4B in revenue) which was then acquired by Lucent for $23B. At Baja Corporation, Betsy has built 3 early stage funds investing in enterprise, software, healthcare, and energy.

Betsy is a corporate governance expert with an eye for making boards a competitive asset. Her corporate Board experience is vast and covers multiple industries including: Technology, Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Auto, CPG, Manufacturing, and Logistics. As a Corporate Director, she brings an operational perspective which focuses on taking friction out of the consumer experience. She leverages broad contemporary knowledge of digital technology to reduce costs, drive efficiency and productivity using AI machine learning analytics to streamline processes.

Previously, Betsy was the CEO of NCI, a food manufacturer creating Nutraceutical and Functional Food products. NCI created the PowerBar and healthy snacks for Kraft, Nabisco, etc. Betsy was also the CEO of Clear Standards, which developed enterprise level software for monitoring carbon emissions.

A published author, Betsy’s work on Corporate Governance includes her third book Be Board Ready: The Secrets to Landing a Board Seat and Being a Great Director, the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, NACD, Business Insider, and Forbes.

She currently serves on two public company boards: Wynn Resorts and SL Green Realty. She is also a member on the board of Volvo Cars (private). She is a proud graduate of University of Massachusetts, Amherst.